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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Feasible ways to improve the modern kitchen


To improve the modern kitchen in a feasable way.. (do you remember when you had to write the answer to a question in your English lessons, by starting off with a rewrite of the original question?.. well I do) you would obviously want to install more labour saving gadgets. That means having an eye-level Gordon Brown, to work out budgetary concerns for the filling of the pantry. This is obviously a New Labour saving device and as such may take a while to catch on, will work out quite costly, to the point where your pension contributions may have to be purloined to finance the unit, and eventually end up on the scrap heap, without ever having achieved it's real aim in life.

On a more serious note, a pizza oven would have to be installed, along with a bed, television and computer.. a small bar is obviously a requirement, and a vice.

A vice you ask (you did so, I heard you)!! Of course. Being male, a vice is a necessary peice of kitchen equipment. How many times have you, or your partner, needed a hand in the kitchen? And I bet not once did you consider that a vice would be a good thing. Stick a rotary drill in the vice, with a wire brush bit fitted, and you'll never have a problem with burnt on food in the caserole dish again. This alone means that instaed of buying expensive detergents that actually do the job they say they will, you can buy the special offer stuff from the local supermarket for £0.23 a gallon. It doesn't normally have the degreasing qualities of water, but now.. you don't need them. Just use it as the lubricant for the wire brush, and you're sorted. A quick rinse and the washing up is complete.

So, apart from the vice, which although I see as an incredibly useful item, would be considered a luxury by some, we have as the main components of our new and improved kitchen..

A Pizza Oven
Small Bar

Oh, and a kitchen sink.

Job done. The ideal modern kitchen is a bedsit.

Next article later. If I do this right, there will eventually be a box proclaiming that I've written this blog for a project known as Lazyblog, just in case you think I've lost it completely, although on proof reading this.. well you may have a point. :)


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