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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells..

Hi all,

Some of you may have seen a couple of comments I made [on Garvan's blog] concerning the moral minority and their utter indignation at, amongst other things, the Jerry Springer Opera being shown on BBC over the weekend.. if not, here they are for your delictation..

On Friday (or Saturday), a big group of evangelical christians turned up at the BBC studios in Wood Lane to have a TV licence burning party. Reporters interviewed some of the participants , and not one of them seemed to have the first idea what the show actually contained in the way of offensive material. I haven't seen it, I hasten to add, although I was going to, but it was such an important event that I forgot all about it being broadcast even.

There was a lot of fuss over a Sikh playwright a couple of weeks ago, whose play (performed somewhere in Birmingham) portrayed scenes of rape and murder in a Sikh temple. The show was cancelled because a few people protested.

It's laughable really.. Griff Reece Jones commented at the time about how it should be an absolute right to be able to offend people [when questions were asked about religious hatred.. that's the media for you]. I agree. If I felt that I would be offended by either JS or the Hindu play, then I have a choice of not watching. Equally, the furore that ensued when Billy Connolly made a joke about Ken Bigley.. I don't remember what it was, but what was the fuss about? Billy Connolly is a rough tough ex-welder who tells rude jokes to a paying audience that know who he is.. if they got a bit peeved by the content of his show, so 'kin what. They're obviously too stupid to be let out on their own. I've been to see Jim Davidson before now.. he was extremely offensive, and probably offended every single person in the audience that night.. absolutely bloody marvellous it was.

Keep on offending our moral values Auntie Beeb, and all you outlandish comedians. That's what we want. And if you can seriously offend people without them even seeing the much maligned works, even better.

[The more discening amongst you will see that I corrected one particular gaff from the original] :)

And now we have it all over again. Anyone who has seen even a snipet of news, or a glance at a paper today will have seen Prince Harry dressed up as a WWII German soldier at a fancy dress party. On Radio 5 today, they have had a procession of the professionally outraged, ring in and tell everybody how upset we must be at these revelations. I know I must be offended to my very core, because the bloke on the radio said I was, in some sweeping generalisation or other.

Anyone would think that he turned up on Rememberance Sunday, dressed as he was, in designer Afrikawear. He was at a friend's private party, letting his hair down.. as would most young men of his age on a Saturday night. Some idiot present obviously had the financial nouse to click away with his cell phone, and get the photo out to The Sun as a matter of urgency. According to Arthur Edwards [the Sun's Royal Photographer] this morning, the lucky photographer was more than likely looking at around £100k for his piccie. I'm not an historian by any means, but this wasn't the uniform of the Gestapo or the SS. This looks like the standard issue uniform of a desert soldier.

As I type, I can hear more about this scandal being broadcast on the news.

Does anyone think for one minute that Harry condones the actions of those involved in the Nazi genocide, and proudly wore the uniform, in the same way that a fat lad from London prides himself on wearing a Chelsea shirt every waking moment? Of course not. Is every person who wore a pair of flashing red horns on Halloween a potential satanist? Of course not.

This is a twenty year old lad getting pissed up round his mate's house, on a Saturday night, and having a jolly good time.

Perhaps, in hindsight, if he'd known that someone was going to try and make a few quid out of his chosen attire, he might have gone as Elvis instead. But so what.. there will always be people out there ready, at the drop of a hat, to become mortified by the actions of anyone who doesn't quite fit in with their own particular rose tinted point of view.. but it won't be me.

I refuse to become "Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells" just because someone else thinks I should be. What is disgusting is having those with too much time on their hands, telling me what I should be thinking.

Comments please.. :)