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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Donations to the Asian Tsunami disaster..

Hi all,

This Link gives everyone all the info they need to start helping with donations. I know there are probably only a handful of people who read this site, but Alan's post is a good way to get a bit more in the pot. If only one of the people who reads this puts in a couple of quid, then if that happened on every blogsite, well it'll help somehow.

The direct link to donate online is

The link can be confirmed in the BBC link above. I just donated, and my "reference number" was 16000 and something. In a country of 60 odd million, that's pretty pathetic, and they'll need every penny they can get.

I think the media need to start changing the angle of reportage as well. It may not be as pretty, or saleable, but they need to concentrate on the living. Announcing 100,000 dead may sell papers/advertising revenue, but doesn't show the enormity of the problem for several million people that are still living. They are homeless and left with nothing but what they are wearing. Many need medical help. With no clean water and little sanitation, disease is bound to account for hundreds, if not thousands of extra lives in the coming weeks.

I really don't know what the banks are faffing about at, if I've understood correctly, taking all this time to set up accounts. If I can go into the bank tomorrow and have an account up and running in 10 minutes, how the hell is it taking so long for the CEOs of the Big 4?

Also, donating via Paypal or similar would be handy for a lot of people. If just the people with a Paypal account on ebay put in a couple of pounds that a few hundred thousand worldwide. Set up an email address, and stick a link somewhere on the website "Donate with Paypal". Job done.

I'll post up a more permanent link in the side bar later, but for now, there's plenty of info above.