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Sunday, January 23, 2005

The time I left school because of Pis Pis River

Why do I do this to myself.. :)

The time I left school because of Pis Pis River

As you all know (in the voice of Frank Muir, a hero of our time) the Pis Pis (pronounced Pie Pie) River is in Nicaragua. It has a strange tendency to drain every so often. The water just runs out to the sea. It is when this phenomenon happens that the locals rush out onto the dryish river bed and harvest the Pis Pis. Pis Pis is a water weed found only on the bed of this one river, and is a local delicacy, fetching up to 45 Cordoba (around £1.50) per Kilo**

When made into a Pis Pis chiffonade (chopped up a bit), it is used as a light garnish on a local dish known as Piricipinia, made from small parcels of raw dried Echelloto (a local river fish) in much the same way as caviar on rolled salmon. It has a salty-sweet taste, and a slight spiciness to it.

It is also famed for it's medicinal qualities, being high in iron and potassium.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, this particular plant was covered in a Natural Science lesson at school. I was fourteen and full of dreams, and so after waiting until a Geography lesson the following day, in order to precisely locate the whereabouts of Nicaragua, and of course more specifically the Pis Pis River, I shouldered my belongings and set off from school as soon as the dinner break bell sounded, to go in search of the source of this near mystical plant.

I had ideals back then. I thought I could help the locals to farm the Pis Pis, perhaps help to erect some sort of sluicing system in order to have a more productive harvesting regime.. ah, they were the days.. the freedom of the open road, the weariness that comes from a long day's walk.. and more to the point, the fact that not only did I have no money to get to Nicaragua, it was unlikely that after stocking up on sweets from the tuck shop for the journey, would I have even the bus fare home.

So I returned to school just in time for double maths. It was one of my greatest adventures, and one that will live with me in glorious Black and White (we didn't all have colour back in those days) until my last breath.

And that is why I left school because of the Pis Pis River.



**Can you believe it, I'm actually researching on Google for the info for this.. :)

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