The world of Liam: Trees vs Fence.. Trees win..

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Trees vs Fence.. Trees win..

Hi all,

I bought a new digital camera a couple of weeks ago (more later), and although I'm still practicing the finer points (like focussing) :), I went out this afternoon to take a few photos of some trees I saw on my travels earlier in the week. The fence had obviously been there either before the trees were planted, or at some time early on in their life. The trees have absorbed the fence, and I thought it looked quite good, so here is a small selection of the photos I took. I hope you like them. (Hover mouse over pictures)

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A marshmallow tree

Oh look, another tree with a bit of fence through it :)

Once you discover how to do mouseovers, you quickly run out of useful things to put in the text

I'll no doubt return and take a few more when the light is better. The fence runs for some 300 yards along a private driveway, so there are loads more weird and wonderful combinations of metal and wood.